“Four years have passed and now I’m back. It’s been two weeks that I thought if I could come back, a return to Milan would be ideal for me. In the last few days, I’ve been dreaming of hearing the fans sing my name in the San Siro again. Mario is a great player and I want to do well with him. I hope I can do with him what I used to do with Pippo Inzaghi. I have a lot of desire to play and it’s a very important year for me due to the World Cup, but right now I just want to do well for Milan, my team. I was very sad to leave this team and now it’s great to be back. I’m very happy.”

Kaká (via wonderful-kaka)

Kaka greets the fans on a balcony after his confirmed return to AC Milan, reminiscent to his gesture a few years before when he waved his jersey from the window of his own home to quell the rumours of his desire to depart the club.

"I have to do well with my team which is now and always will be Milan" - Ricardo Kaká

and yet again, galliani brings my hopes up only to pour a 12 mol solution of hydrochloric acid all over it and watch it corrode to the ground